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MystCords high quality silk cord necklaces -- Jewelers' favorite "bread & butter" accessory for over a decade.

Here's our story:

As a very well respected fourth generation fine colored gemstone supplier and jewelry manufacturer to the trade, Nafco Gems and NAFCO Jewelry (www.nafcogems.com), we wanted to come up with a gold chain alternative for our whimsical collection of colorful sapphire micro-pave brooches and pendants. We needed a necklace that was elegant,colorful, durable, secure and inexpensive with fashion sensibility. We played around with different "thread cocktails" and did heavy experimentation with closures of all kinds -- Seriously...we are fourth generation sisters (women) so 'perfection' is our middle name -- we weren't stopping until we got it 'RIGHT'.

Finally back in the day and after about five years of trial and error--we got it RIGHT and we unveiled our version of the silk cord necklace that was worthy of our 18KT gold and sapphire jewelry collections. The response to our Silk cords was so overwhelming that we had jewelry designers, retailers, artisans and fellow manufacturers wanting to buy these silk rope necklaces from us. Jewelers said they would love to use our silk cord necklaces for display, Jewelry stores and Artisans wanted our silk cords as a colorful accessory to coordinate with their pieces. So we started producing them for the trade and have been for over ten years.

Why do our current wholesale customers think our Silk Cord Necklaces are so great?

Our twisted cord necklaces are no ordinary satin cord necklaces -- there is no comparison! Our quality is superior to any other braid cord or twisted silk cord out there. MystCords silk rope necklaces are made of only the highest quality silk, cotton and polyester blend and then twisted perfectly -- not too tight, not too loose. Our silk cords are lustrous, soft, flexible with NO FRAYING or stiffness. We have many colors to choose from including the ever-so-popular black silk cord necklace. Some of our more popular silk cord colors are gold, silver, dark gray, sky blue, ivory, etc.

We run our production 3 times a year and stock in 16" and 18" and generally have a supply of 20", 22", and 24" silk necklaces on hand but we can make any length on a special order basis...even silk cord bracelets. Our loop and knot silk cords have just that -- a loop and knot closure...why? Because it is the most secure closure unless your silver or gold clasp is "tied" in and 95% of all silk cord necklaces are NOT. Our loop knot closure is secure...just give it a tug and you're good to go!

Whether your store or your customers use our silk cord necklace for pendants, a clever inexpensive way to display your merchandise or use our silk cord necklace for jewelry pieces of any kind, i.e brooches, etc., your clients will keep coming back for more!

How do I place a wholesale silk cords order?

To purchase our silk cord necklaces wholesale we require a minimum order and you need to provide us a resale number or JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade) number or provide us with three 'trade-references'. We will allow a first-time sample order upon request. Also available are two types of sample kits. Kit 1 has one silk cord necklace of each solid color in size F (our thinnest size) and one silk cord necklace in each thickness -- these are generally all black silk cord necklaces or kit 2 has one silk cord necklace in each thickness--A, B, C, C-1, D, E and F all in different colors. Both kits come on a handy, easy to open and close O-ring and are perfect for color and size matching as well as the perfect sales tool for your clients.

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